Book Review: Dark Matter

DARK MATTER | Blake Crouch 07.26.2016 | Broadway Books Rating: 5/5 stars Jason Dessen is living a quiet life in Chicago. He’s married to Daniela, who he loves dearly, and father to Charlie, the child who solidified their relationship. Jason gave up an intense physics research lifestyle in order to be with Daniela and build … Continue reading Book Review: Dark Matter


Book Review: The Broken Girls

THE BROKEN GIRLS | Simone St. James 03.20.2018 | Berkley Rating: 5/5 stars Vermont, 1950: Idlewild Hall is the home for girls who are no longer wanted. The student body is made up of girls who are refugees, victims of the war, pregnant, illegitimate, or just plain too troublesome for their parents to want around … Continue reading Book Review: The Broken Girls

Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter

SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER | Rochelle B. Weinstein 04.17.2018 | Lake Union Publishing Rating: 4/5 stars Emma and Bobby Ross live a picture perfect life. They have twin daughters, Lily and Zoe, who are each excelling at school. Their marriage is a story of high school sweethearts still together and going strong many years later. Together they … Continue reading Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter