Book Review: Our Kind of Cruelty

OUR KIND OF CRUELTY | Araminta Hall 05.08.2018 | MCD Books/Farrar, Straus and Giroux Rating: 4/5 stars Mike Hayes grew up in a brutal household with an alcoholic mother who could not take care of him. He was often forced to hide from his mother’s abusive lovers and eat moldy food to stay alive. Despite … Continue reading Book Review: Our Kind of Cruelty


Blog Tour: Fault Lines

FAULT LINES | Doug Johnstone 05.22.2018 | Orenda Books Rating: 5/5 stars A tectonic plate has opened up in the Firth of Forth, outside of Edinburgh. This change has caused daily tremors to be felt throughout the nearby towns and created a volcanic island, known as The Inch. This island is a source of intrigue … Continue reading Blog Tour: Fault Lines