Book Review: The Awkward Squad

THE AWKWARD SQUAD | Sophie Henaff 04.03.2018 | Quercus USA Rating 4/5 stars   Anne Capestan has been suspended from her police duties for firing one too many bullets at the bad guys in her cases. Now that her suspension is wrapping up, she has been called to HQ to learn what will happen to … Continue reading Book Review: The Awkward Squad


Book Review: It

IT | Stephen King 01.05.2016 (first published Sept 1986) | Scribner Rating: 5/5 stars Derry, Maine has an interesting history of cycles of violence and cases of missing children. There is something hunting the town’s youth and impacting the behavior of the adults. In 1958 Bill Denbourgh’s brother George is found murdered with his arm … Continue reading Book Review: It