Book Review: The Perfect Nanny

THE PERFECT NANNY | Leila Slimani 01.09.2018 | Penguin Books Rating: 4/5 stars Miriam and Paul are the parents of two young children. Miriam has been a stay-at-home mother for some time now and has recently gotten the itch to head back in to the workforce when she bumps into an old acquaintance. The kids … Continue reading Book Review: The Perfect Nanny


Book Review: A Clockwork Orange

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE | Anthony Burgess 04.07.2011 (first published 1962) | Penguin Essentials Rating: 4/5 stars Alex is fifteen. He lives in a society where the youth are trying to overthrow the world around them and show that they are the group in charge. It’s common for teenagers like Alex to engage in extreme violence, … Continue reading Book Review: A Clockwork Orange

Book Review: Wuthering Heights

WUTHERING HEIGHTS | Emily Brontë Penguin Deluxe Edition | 08.25.2009 (original published in December 1847) Rating: 4/5 stars Wuthering Heights is a tumultuous ride through the life of Heathcliff, the Earnshaw family, and the Linton family. The story begins in the present (year 1801) with a new tenant, Mr. Lockwood, staying at Thrushcross Grange. He … Continue reading Book Review: Wuthering Heights