Book Review: The Scarlet Letter

THE SCARLET LETTER | Nathaniel Hawthorne 11.05.2009 (originally published 03.16.1850) | Penguin Books Rating: 3/5 stars THE SCARLET LETTER is a classic tale about Hester Prynne, a woman sentenced to wear a red letter A on her clothes for committing the sin of adultery. The novel opens with Hester, standing upon the scaffold with her … Continue reading Book Review: The Scarlet Letter


Book Review: Wuthering Heights

WUTHERING HEIGHTS | Emily BrontΓ« Penguin Deluxe Edition | 08.25.2009 (original published in December 1847) Rating: 4/5 stars Wuthering Heights is a tumultuous ride through the life of Heathcliff, the Earnshaw family, and the Linton family. The story begins in the present (year 1801) with a new tenant, Mr. Lockwood, staying at Thrushcross Grange. He … Continue reading Book Review: Wuthering Heights