Book Review: White Bodies

WHITE BODIES | Jane Robins 09.19.2017 | Touchstone Rating: 5/5 stars Felix and Tilda seem like the perfect couple, a financier and fresh-faced actress, hopelessly in love with each other. When the curtains are drawn and their alone together, the perfect façade breaks and reveals an oddity and violent passion lurking at the heart of … Continue reading Book Review: White Bodies


Review: Hunting the Five Point Killer

HUNTING THE FIVE POINT KILLER | C.M. Wendelboe 10.08.2017| Midnight Ink Rating: 4/5 stars  Former Denver homicide detective, Arn Anderson has been called back into duty. This time around he’s moonlighting as a consultant for a TV news program, hired to look into a cold murder case. TV reporter Ana Maria Villareal believes that the … Continue reading Review: Hunting the Five Point Killer

Book Review: You’ll Never Know, Dear

YOU’LL NEVER KNOW, DEAR | Hallie Ephron 06.06.2017 | William Morrow Rating: 3/5 stars Forty years ago the Sorrel family was struck by tragedy when the youngest daughter, Janey, went missing. Lissie, the oldest daughter, was seven-years-old on the day it happened. She was outside with Janey playing with their porcelain dolls in the front … Continue reading Book Review: You’ll Never Know, Dear