Book Review: Five Little Pigs

FIVE LITTLE PIGS | Agatha Christie 02.01.2011 (first published May 1942) | William Morrow Rating: 5/5 stars Sixteen years ago everyone believed it was an open and shut case. The evidence irrefutably pointed at Caroline Crale poisoning her husband, Amayas. Caroline simply had enough of her husband’s cheating ways, which everyone kept trying to justify … Continue reading Book Review: Five Little Pigs


Book Review: Sunday Silence

SUNDAY SILENCE (Frieda Klein #7)| Nicci French 01.09.2018 | William Morrow Rating: 4/5 stars Frieda Klein is a London-based psychologist, who has been known to serve as a consultant with the local police department. After assisting with solving several cases, Frieda suddenly finds herself on the other end of an investigation. A body has been … Continue reading Book Review: Sunday Silence

Book Review: You’ll Never Know, Dear

YOU’LL NEVER KNOW, DEAR | Hallie Ephron 06.06.2017 | William Morrow Rating: 3/5 stars Forty years ago the Sorrel family was struck by tragedy when the youngest daughter, Janey, went missing. Lissie, the oldest daughter, was seven-years-old on the day it happened. She was outside with Janey playing with their porcelain dolls in the front … Continue reading Book Review: You’ll Never Know, Dear