Book Review: Sinner

SINNER | Christopher Graves 04.05.2018 | OP Media Rating: 4/5 stars In the 19th century there was a vigilante group known as the Bald Knobbers striking fear into the hearts of Missouri residents. The gang’s beliefs were deeply rooted in religion and a literal interpretation of the Bible, often leading to violent actions on women … Continue reading Book Review: Sinner


Book Review: The Woman in the Window

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW | A.J. Finn 01.02.2018 | William Morrow Rating: 4/5 stars Anna Fox lives alone in her spacious New York City residence. She used to filling her days as a psychologist and spending time with her husband and daughter. These days she can be found drinking copious amounts of wine, watching … Continue reading Book Review: The Woman in the Window