Book Review: Block 46

BLOCK 46 | Johana Gustawsson (Emily Roy & Alexis Castells #1) 02.05.2017 | Orenda Books Rating: 5/5 stars Alexis Castells is a true-crime writer living in London. The body of her close friend, Linnea, has been found mutilated and dumped in a snowy marina in Sweden. The markings and wounds on the body closely resemble … Continue reading Book Review: Block 46


Book Review: Baby Teeth

BABY TEETH | Zoje Stage 07.17.2018 | St. Martin’s Press Rating: 4/5 stars Meet the Jensen’s. They’re a successful family living in Pittsburgh where Dad, Alex, is an architect and Mom, Suzette, home-schools their daughter Hanna. Behind closed doors the truth lies. Seven-year-old Hanna has been kicked out of several schools for destructive behaviors, going … Continue reading Book Review: Baby Teeth